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April 12, 2020

Happiest of Springtime.  I hope your break was wonderful.  Don't forget our Virtual Book Fair opens today.  The link in below in my April 4th entry.  We are working hard to ensure, as a team, we provide for all learners an easy and accessible way for them to continue to grow, practice and learn at home.  Our format will be changing next week and I will keep everyone informed.  A reminder that we will only have one meeting a week-this Zoom Meeting will be on Fridays at 12pm.  I will send out a reminder on Friday morning with our meeting code.  In the meantime continue to share with me those pictures of your camper creating, reading, writing, practicing and/or having fun as I will create a weekly PowerPoint for all to enjoy after our meeting!

April 4, 2020
Mrs. Moose, the librarian is having a Virtual Book Fair beginning April 13th and it will run for 14 days. Free shipping on books orders over $25. Free shipping only applies to books. 

Visit for order!

April 3, 2020
This week I have enjoyed meeting with each student in a small group setting via ZOOM.  I loved hearing about how they were spending their time at home.  So many are enjoying plans I sent and activities we've posted as well as the creative activities you too have arranged for them.  I am honored to be part of this beautiful circle of campers.  I have attached Week of Learning PowerPoint of our in my files and documents tab.  Enjoy!

March 31, 2020  Don't forget to get Cozy and warm while reading as it is ARCTIC day! Find some pictures of arctic animals online to color and write about.  Build an igloo inside...maybe pretend your kitchen table is one.  What would your day look like if you were a polar bear?   Have fun today while you learn!

March 30, 2020

It's Virtual Spirit Week! Today's focus is the FOREST.   Build a tent and read with your favorite animal. PebbleGo is a great site to read about all kinds of animals and their habitats.   Don't forget to send me pictures for the class PowerPoint!

Some reminders:  Scholastic and Origo have Week 2 lessons up and ready for you to start.

Don't forget the assignments on Dreambox and Raz-kids. For students to get the maximum benefit, Dreambox recommends 20 minutes daily. Make sure to read for 20 minutes daily, too!

Our Encore teachers and Resource teachers have included activities on their class pages. Don't forget to check those out! Miss Bonner has art activities, Mrs. Dickens made a Flipgrid of STEAM activities, and Mrs. Osborn has shared some great extension activities.

March 27, 2020
Today we have posted a day of instruction for you to use.  It gives relevant suggestions towards all academic areas at this time.  In addition I have included the Spirit Week for 2nd grade.  Take a picture of your camper showing their spirit and then email your pictures to me.  I will collect them and create a PowerPoint
 and post it. 

March 26, 2020
Check Files and Documents daily for updates for your camper.  Today's was a ways to have your camper practice and continue to grow as a writer.

March 25,2020
Hello Campers!  Today is a wonderful day to stay inside and learn!  Our 2nd grade team met and found a calendar filled with ideas that require no technology.  Can you believe it?  WE can learn and grow without the use of our technology.  So, I challenge you to go the files and documents section at the left of this page and download this calendar of ideas!  Post what you do!!!  I'll be checking my text and email all day!

March 24, 2020

Today, the second grade team is recommending a Scholastic resource for reading and an Origo resource for math.  Both are optional.  :)

Scholastic has created free lessons for you to use at home for remote learning. There are great books included in the lessons which include online and offline activities. Please note that there is a "Dive Deeper" section for students to explore the learning topic in more depth which directs the student to other websites. I have explored some of those sites and they seem safe. Keep this in mind as you use Scholastic to support your home learning.

The math series that PWC adopted this year, Origo, has released weekly plans that families can use to support students’ learning in math.  Each week Origo at Home will release a new week of plans.  They include will include a book to read and discuss together, a short math concept video, activities, games and practice sheets.  There will be extension opportunities included as well.  We’ll let you know each week if the concept Origo is sharing is a review concept or a new concept for our students.  This week's concept is doubling which is a review but with 2-digit numbers.

How to log into your Second Grader's internet account:


  • Clever:
  • Login to Microsoft365: yourchild’ 
  •  Password: your child’s password 


March 21, 2020
An additional pacing guide showing the objectives that have already been taught this school year has been added to the File and Documents tab to the left.  We have been informed by the county officials that students should be reviewing already taught objectives so this would be the document to use as you look for topics to review.  Please email me if you have any questions."

March 20, 2020
The Second Grade Instructional Pacing Guide can be found to the left of this screen under files and documents.  This is our calendar for what we are teaching for the rest of the year in Second Grade.

March 13, 2020
Due to extended school closings, the Second Grade team has put together a list of activities you and your child can do to help support their learning at home. These are activities we have done and practiced in the classroom. We have included both websites and activities you do not need technology to complete.

• Websites: Clever:

• Login to Microsoft365: yourchild’

                       Password: your child’s password

• Go to all apps to use:
 Raz-kids (reading)
 Dreambox (math) login: gravelyes password: seadogs login: gravely (research) password: school login:  (leveled books)

In Office365 students can create a Powerpoint or Sway presentation.

Tech Free Activities:
• Read books at home (make connections, ask questions as you read, summarize the story, compare and contrast characters)
• Write in a journal daily
• Math skills: count coins, baking to practice measurement, tell time to 5 minutes with an analog clock, practice solving equations/story problems with various strategies