GoNoodle: create a free account to access videos for dance, exercise, and mindfulness.

Storyline Online: popular books read aloud by celebrities (no account needed).

Cosmic Kids Yoga: YouTube channel for kid-friendly yoga routines

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Guided drawings by Mo Willems, hosted by the Kennedy Center

ABCMouse: Educational games (free one-month subscription)

Typing Club: Online typing practice (free)

SciShow Kids: A daily blog with science videos and experiments

Virtual Museum Tours: Links to museums around the world that offer virtual tours (because who says we can't take field trips?!)

Second Grade Writing Prompts: Ideas and prompts for different types of writing we have learned this year!

Which One Doesn't Belong?: Math-related brain puzzles

Class FlipGrid: Watch videos and share a response!

Origo at Home: Lessons for distance learning provided by our math curriculum.